Sample Daily Schedule

General daily outline

Tucson Module:
8-8:30 Meditation
8:30-9:30 Anatomy
9:30-11am Asana Practice
11-11:05 Snack break
11:05-12:30pm Analytical Asana
12:30-1:10pm Lunch
1:10-3:25pm Lecture/Analytical Asana/Practice Teaching
3:25-3:30pm Snack break
3:30-6pm Lecture/Analytical Asana/Practice Teaching

Pennsylvania Module:
7:30am Breakfast
8:30-9am Meditation
9am-10:30am Asana Practice
10:30-10:35 Snack break
10:35-1pm Lecture/Analytical Asana/Practice Teaching
1-2pm Lunch
2-4pm Lecture/Analytical Asana/Practice Teaching
4-4:05 Snack break
4:05-6:30 Lecture/Analytical Asana/Practice Teaching
7pm Dinner


This training emphasizes kinesiology and anatomy, communication, and movement teaching skills. It is for anyone wanting to improve their ability to move safely and smartly and be able to assist others to do the same.

Here is a break down of your 200-hour training:

Techniques, Training & Practice (100 hours)
Mantra & Chanting (2)
Pranayama (4)
Meditation in Many Forms (8)
Bandhas (2)
Asana exploration (80)
Masterful Meditation (4)

Teaching Methodology (25 hours)
Yoga for All (3)
Sacred Commerce (3)
Business Necessities (2)
Adjustments (2)
Teaching Styles & Sequencing (3)
Space & Teacher Qualities (2)
Communication & Cueing (10)

Anatomy & Physiology (20 hours)

Myofascial Release (2)
Form and Structure (15)
Chakras (3)

Yoga Philosophy (30 hours)

Life & History of Yoga (7)
The Many Names of Yoga (3)
Yoga Sutras & Limbs (6)
Ethics (5)
Yogic Concepts (4)
Seva (5)

Practicum (25 hours)
Practice Teaching (25)



Extra Activities

(Optional. Not included in your 200-hours necessary for certification)

Module Two:
After dinner hours, 8:30-9:30pm
These are a sample of some of the evening activities:

Going Zero-Waste
Organic gardening & composting
Movie showing
Salsa dance class and dance party
Song circle
Dry sauna

*Please note that you get an entire day-off during the middle of the PA Module Two. During that day, we will provide transportation to the Strip District of Pittsburgh. We do not provide transportation to any other location, however you may choose to tour more of the city. You might choose to tour Pittsburgh, or instead rest at the training site, or rent a car and tour Lake Erie, tour the Allegheny River, or the Drake Well Museum & Park. We will not provide food in Pittsburgh and that will be an additional cost (click the link above and you’ll see why we’re not packing a picnic).